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'EMBRACE' - 14 Day Mindful Yoga Challenge

£10.00 for 14 days of yoga!

If you have been wanting to try yoga or add a regular yoga home practice, then this is for you. Over the next fortnight we will be moving mindfully and embracing a slower practice. Slow mindful yoga can improve both our Proprioception (the ability to sense movement in the body and determine where the body is in space) and Interoception (the ability to receive stimuli originating from the interior of the body), which in turn helps you build greater self-awareness and a more resilient nervous system – so you can better handle the stress of life’s ups and downs. Each practice is between 20-30 mins so easy to squeeze into your busy lifestyle. 


Slow practice can help you reduce inflammation, increase emotional control, and help you sleep better.

I'm so excited to bring you this practice which I have devised after attending some wonderful training with Kristine Kaoverii Weber from Subtle Yoga.


Find a quiet space, grab your comfy pants & I'll see you on the mat.



Andrea 🙏

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